Anti – Aging and Wellness Program

Today,Guest Posting the fact cannot be denied that more employers in India and across the globe are increasingly offering workplace or corporate wellness programs than ever before. In recent years there have been several corporates who have sponsored such programs. The trend has been up since 2012 and many agree that besides adopting for their employees they regularly suggest wellness programs to their clients as well. Not only are more businesses turning to such wellness programs but experts have also found buy chaga employers becoming more effective when executing initiatives related to such programs. Over half of employers offering such programs believe that they are effective.

One benefit of having a workplace wellness program is the influence it can have on employee satisfaction. Four in five employers agree that their attempt have enhanced employee satisfaction. Experts also believe that employees who actively participate in their organisation’s wellness programs are more satisfied in their jobs along with their benefits packages than those who don’t participate in their company’s attempt. Also, those who adopt this program are less likely to look for new jobs in the next one year than those who don’t.

Weight loss management at workplace is increasing swiftly as several corporates now provide free yoga, Zumba classes or individual workouts onsite at a nearby facility to make fitness opportunities more accessible. Attending regular workout sessions help employees develop a sense of teamwork and camaraderie as well. Corporate are also beginning to transform their workplaces to emphasize on weight loss by including vending machine options with fresh, healthy snacks, as well as fruit and veggies rather than donuts. Through variety of fitness regimens and healthy food options, employees get the opportunity to try many options to find the best fit for their healthy lifestyle. The more convenient healthy options are, the more likely people will be able to try them and continue participating for a longer time.

Physical fitness has proen to lessen stress and enhance energy. However, mental fitness is increasingly being recognized as an equally vital trend. Stress management programs identify that dedicating a short time daily to your mental fitness through different tasks will reap great benefits in terms of feeling rejuvenated and more confident. Meditation is also used as a daily tool to help with stress and is one of the strongest efforts being used to manage daily pressures. Leading organizations are including meditation instruction as part of wellness programs to help their employees learn this valuable tool.

Social Media can play an important role in corporate wellness programsas they can help people to be on track towards improving their health through their immense reach. Creating social networks, mobile apps and online engagement help motivate employees to participate in the health and wellness programs. The more employees engage with your programs, the greater the impact.