Auxiliary electric heater installation and removal maintenance

Is the installation and disassembly of auxiliary electric heater? Let’s talk about it. First, install 1, the auxiliary electric heater should be checked for each part, various instruments, etc., whether there is a problem of loose, damage, damage, etc., if necessary, can not be processed Install. 2, the import and export flange should first connect it to the bolt when welding, and then weld it. During the welding process, there should be no flammable objects around electric space heaters to ensure the safety of welding. 3, when the thermal resistance is installed, check if the insertion hole has a burr, if it should be cleaned, then insert it, do not force it when inserting. 4, the outer casing of the auxiliary electric heater should be reliably grounded, the base should be firmly installed, the nut is tightened, and it cannot be loose. Second, disassembly, maintenance 1, maintenance of the auxiliary electric heater, first turn off the total power supply, so that it is in a power-on state, but also hangs a warning to the alert. 2, when the auxiliary electric heater is disassembled, the application force is moderate, and it cannot be excessive force to avoid damage to the electric heater and its components. 3, when the thermal resistance is dismantled, it cannot be slammed with a hammer to avoid damaging the heating element. 4, the thermal resistance should be timely, clearly, can not be placed, so as not to affect its normal operation. Check the connection terminal, sensor cable, etc., whether it is intact, whether there is an oxidation or falling off, if there is any immediate replacement. The above is about the installation and disassembly maintenance of the auxiliary electric heater, I hope to help everyone.