Differences between a wedding band and an engagement ring

Bands have played a prominent role in engagements and weddings since prehistoric times. In fact, it would be difficult to complete an engagement and a wedding without the presence of gangs. Due to their long history, the use and functions of the wedding band and the engagement ring are often mixed with each other. But it should be noted that although these jewelry are commonly seen among married women, they differ profoundly from each other in many respects.

To identify the differences between the wedding ring and the engagement ring, let’s take a closer look at their individual functions. Simply put, the man gives an engagement ring to the woman before their wedding to indicate that they are destined to get married. On the other hand, covenants are the jewels that the spouses exchange and wear during the wedding day to seal the wedding vows. Immediately after the wedding and for the years following their marriage, the wife wears the wedding and engagement rings, while the man wears only the wedding ring, as men do not necessarily need to wear the engagement ring.

Between wedding and engagement rings, many couples prefer to invest in engagement rings. In fact, an engagement ring draws more attention than a wedding band because it is somehow a silent announcement of the status of couples about to get married.

Traditionally, engagement bands have protruding center stones, usually made with fine diamond jewelry. However, at the moment, couples do not need to purchase diamond-accented engagement rings, designer wedding rings for sale but as a less expensive option, they could use other gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, opal, etc., as a center stone. the engagement ring. .
Meanwhile, the wedding ring is often simple in design and finish, or is sometimes designed as the simpler version of the engagement ring. However, there are also couples who use fine diamond jewelry for their wedding rings, although this rarely happens as the simple design of said ring symbolizes the sanctity of marriage.

Traditionally, wedding and engagement rings are worn on the left finger between index and little finger because, according to belief, said left finger has a vein that is directly connected to the heart, which is called a love vein. . Although there are some cultures that put their wedding and engagement rings on the ring finger of the right hand.
Wedding and engagement rings are usually purchased separately. They can also be bought together; therefore, some wedding rings are designed as intricately as the engagement rings they are supplied with. If you are planning to purchase these straps separately, always try to consider that you will wear them every day, so when choosing each piece, select the shape of the gemstone that would complement your lifestyle. Diamond can be hard, but it is more likely to peel or crack, especially if its edges are sharp; It would be more appropriate to choose bands that are set with round brilliant cut stones, as they are more likely to last longer. In general, the wedding ring and the engagement ring are two important jewels that symbolize two of the most important phases in a couple’s “engagement and marriage” relationship.

In fact, they have distinct qualities that distinguish them from each other. However, their differences aside, what is evident is that they share the same concept of eternal love and commitment, apparently shown by its round shape that has no beginning or end, as well as the materials used to develop them. They also function as material marks that reinforce their vows and the symbolic and sentimental meaning of the couple’s mutual devotion.