Factors affecting process accuracy of CNC precision parts

Factors of CNC machining accuracy can enhance the availability of parts.

The machining of precision parts is called precision machining. It is precisely due to its processing technology and technology requirements, the accuracy of the product is very high. The accuracy of the precision parts includes the accuracy of position, size, shape, etc., leading technicians combined with the company’s more than ten years of production and processing experience, summarizing the following factors that affect precision parts accuracy (1) The spindle of the machine tool spindle The beating will produce a certain error on the machining accuracy of the part.

(2) The inaccuracy of the rails can also cause errors of the shape of the workpiece.

(3) The transmission member also causes the workpiece processing error, which is also the main factor in surface errors.

(4) Different types of tools and clamps also have different effects on the accuracy of the workpiece.

(5) In the process of processing and cutting, the system is deformed due to changes in the position of the power point, thereby generating differences, and the accuracy of the workpiece will have different degrees of error.

(6) Different cutting power can also result in Precision CNC Machining the effect of workpiece accuracy.

(7) The error caused by the heating deformation of the process system. During the processing, the process system produces a certain thermal deformation under the action of a variety of heat sources.

(8) The process system caused by heating, often affects the accuracy of the workpiece.

(9) Machine Tool Removal Deformation causes the deformation of the workpiece.

(10) Deformation of the tool will have a large impact on the workpiece.

(11) The workpiece itself is thermally deformed, mainly caused by heat during cutting.

CNC parts processing is the most frequent machining process of CNC parts manufacturers. This technology can enhance the availability of parts, highlight related features, and apply them into detail of each industry. In CNC lathe processing, first determine the process requirements of the part and the batch of the workpiece. The function of the CNC lathe should be prepared in the previous period. The prerequisite for choosing a CNC lathe is reasonable, and the process requirements of typical parts are mainly satisfied with the structural size, processing range and accuracy requirements of the part.

According to the precision requirements, the control accuracy of the number control lathe is selected according to the size accuracy of the workpiece, the positioning accuracy and surface roughness. According to reliability, reliability is to improve product quality and productivity. The reliability of the CNC machine tool means that the machine tool can perform long-term stable operation when performing its function under specified conditions without fault. That is, the average has no time long, even if there is a failure, it can be restored in a short time and in use again. Select a reasonable structure, manufacturing a fine machine. The more general users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.

CNC lathe processing materials include 304, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, alloy, plastic, POM, etc., but different materials of vehicles require different quality tools to ensure each productionThe precision required More articles are included in http://www.szvmt.com/ If you feel help, please send it to the collection