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Tim Ferriss has taken us inside his inner “body” version of “Project Mayhem” testing all manner of supplements, additives, condiments & chemicals to crack the code that will promote weight loss. He has given us the diet & the exercise regime but now we come to the “4HB”‘s “x” factor which accentuates the impact of the other two components. Before showcasing his discoveries I strongly advise you consider the intended affects & side effects that could result from utilising the “x” items with reference to any medications you are taking & your own personal body chemistry. Simply consult with your family doctor to find out what is suitable for you before experimenting.

PAGG Theory

PAGG is an acronym encompassing the following components, Policosanol, Alpha Lipoic Acids, green tea flavonols & garlic extract. Ferris’s exhaustive research has seen him nominate this awesome foursome as the daily supplement that provides the most powerful impetus to chemically 岩盤浴  alter the way the body processes food. Policosanol is often derived from sugar cane & is a plant wax extract that promotes fat loss. It can also be used in conjunction with chromium polynicotinate & slow release niacin to mitigate cholesterol.

Alpha Lipoic Acids are a robust anti oxidant that facilitates carbohydrates being stored in muscles & the liver but not in fat tissues. It also helps regenerate the body’s intracellular glutathione levels which is a crucial anti oxidant (found in small amounts in broccoli & spinach) & ALA’s also promote increases in the body’s vitamin C & E stores. Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECGG) is a complex name for a soluble compound present in green teas that has a two pronged diet effect. It kills off mature fat cells & diverts excess carbs to muscle cells as opposed to storing them as body fat. In addition this very valuable compound is said to promote anti aging & inhibit the development of cancer cells. Decaffeinated green tea extract pills are the recommended method of ingesting this additive. Garlic contains excessive amounts of an element called allicin which is an excellent agent for preventing the body regaining fat.

You can use garlic in the food or tablet form & it also will be a worthy ally in managing cholesterol. So these are the big 4 “x” items of the “Four Hour Body” regime, there are many others but used in a concentrated combination six days a week (one week off every two months) these “chemical agents” will “hack” the body (reduce insulin production) & augment all your other initiatives to achieve the desired results. The book gives you a full outline of how much and when to consume them but essentially it is AGG prior to ever meal (No Policosanol) & PAG prior to bed (No green tea supplements).

A Spoonful Of Vinegar (Or Cinnamon) Makes The Sugar Go Down

The two most prominent action agents amongst simple food stuffs are freshly squeezed lemon juice & cinnamon. Both these condiments have been proven to blunt the GI jump when consuming foods & slow the rate of food processing. Lemon juice does this by up to 10% & cinnamon by as much as 29%. The net result of this is crucial & obvious, less insulin in your system means less carbs stored as fat. The suggested dosage is 3.5 teaspoons of lemon juice or 1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon before consuming a meal. It has been said that all types of vinegar have a similar impact but Ferris found no evidence of this in his experiments.