How has Money Lending evolved over time?

From traditional banks to digital lending platforms, India’s lending system has come a long way, but the way they do business hasn’t changed much. They still give loans to people who need them, but they have changed some of the details of their business model to make it easier for people to get money.

In te Indian lending space, there have been a huge number of technological advances in the last few decades. In recent years, changes in financial technology have made it possible for people to apply for and get personal loans in a whole new way. People who couldn’t get loans a few years ago now have a lot more options.

Le’s look at how fintech companies have been a big part of how personal loans have changed over time.Personal loans have always been popular because of how they are different from other types of loans.

They can be used for anything and don’t have to be paid back. Fintech companies have made these features even better for both the lender and the borrower, which has made this financial product more popular than ever.

The Evolution of Personal Loans

Fintech companies have improved lending in many ways. Let’s look at how fintech has affected personal lending.

Financing is easier

Once upon a time, getting a personal loan meant applying to multiple lenders until you found one with favourable terms. Fintech has forever transformed the game.


Online lending marketplaces simplify personal loan applications. With their easy-to-meet personal loan qualifying conditions, more consumers may now obtain finance. Through a fast online form, you can apply for a loan that meets your needs.

Online loan application end-to-end

Traditional lenders required applicants to fill out a bunch of forms and provide paper documents. Not fintech. Fintech companies have made loan applications easier to fill out online, reducing paper use and carbon footprints.

Advanced software scrutinises the online application form. The time needed to complete the application and scrutinise the applicant’s eligibility is reduced, making funding available quicker.

Connects to your bank account

A lender must check your bank history before approving a loan. Traditional banks require applicants to submit bank records (usually bank statements that go back at least 3-6 months). Afintech can securely link to your bank account and access bank statements to make personal loan applications easy and safe.

Credit score unharmed

Low credit score is the main reason for personal loan denial, according to study. Every loan application affects your credit score. Fintech has changed that. Fintech lets you know if you qualify for a loan before applying. This lets you make a decision without hurting your credit.


From the above we conclude that The way we do business hasn’t changed much, but India’s lending system has come a long way. Personal loans have changed a lot over time, and fintech companies have been a big part of that. If you are looking for a firm good at money lending in singapore you are at right place.


People can now apply for and get personal loans more easily. Fintech has changed the way we get personal loans for good. You can quickly fill out an online form to apply for a loan that fits your needs.


It takes less time to fill out the application and check if the applicant is eligible. Afintech can connect to your bank account and give you access to your bank statements in a safe way.