How self-publishing audiobooks can make you a millionaire

Self-publishing audiobooks are one of the best side hustle options with great potential in today’s world. Today everybody who is into the writing or publication industry is heading toward audiobooks. There are multiple reasons why audiobooks are doing so well in the market. One reason is that they can be heard while doing other jobs. Mikkelsen brother proved that audiobooks could be a fruitful business if handled correctly.

You can learn more in ShiftedMags Mikkelsen Twins post about the journey of the Mikkelsen brothers. There are multiple ways to earn money. The audiobook publication business by the Mikkelsen brothers couldn’t do well because of their wrong steps. They later got into online coaching. They started creating YouTube videos on their experience with self-publishing. This step proved to be a cornerstone for their Audiobook Income Academy and Publishing Life.

The secret of Mikkelsen twins to get success.

The Mikkelsen brothers have a successful YouTube channel. It has  62.4K subscribers. They have built a stable platform for themselves to share their knowledge about Lifestyle, Audiobooks, Self-publishing, etc. They have various self-published e-books and are now sharing their knowledge with people worldwide. They majorly focus on the publication and writing part. For the writing part, they recommend hiring a ghostwriter. When they have experienced failures and successes, it seems appropriate for them to guide people.

They are pioneers in the Audiobook Publishing market. Their major focus is to teach people how to convert regular books to audiobooks or produce an audiobook. Many youngsters are now looking for different earning options to achieve financial independence. Audiobooks are one of the best options to earn money, making them inclined toward the Mikkelsen brothers.

Their Audiobook Income Academy has more than 20k students. They gathered such a strong base because of their experiential learning and unique growth methods. ShiftedMags Mikkelsen Twins post has a more in-depth analysis of their work.

What makes audiobooks a better option?

Audiobooks have several advantages over regular books. Some of them are as follows:

  • Audiobooks are Portable. They can be carried anywhere on any device.
  • Their narration gives you a wonder
  • You can read with much-enhanced speed.
  • Multitasking can be done with audiobooks.
  • It is not bulky, and you don’t have to worry about the pages getting torn.

The reasons above fit well with the hectic lifestyle of people, and that is why audiobooks are one of the best options to gain knowledge in today’s world. Understanding this principle helped the Mikkelsen brothers stand where they are today. One can visit the ShiftedMags Mikkelsen Twins post to know more about them.