How to Burn Wii Games – Save Your Money and Still Have Fun

In the midst of this console battle between the next-generation entertainment systems, a recent trend has surfaced in the gaming community. Having the ability to copy your game discs is all the rage, and might have something to do with the growing emulator ROM market that has revived vintage games of late. Previously reserved for your home computer, console customization is growing Atari St ROMs and it is not just for the big boys at Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo has their own avid fans who wish to know how to burn Wii games along with their more powerful counterparts.

Modding your system used to be somewhat arduous and technical. Installing chips into your system was both dangerous and costly, as improper installation could result in the loss of your system ability to function, not to mention that opening up the casing to install the chip automatically voids your warranty.

Since there are no guarantees that a mod chip will actually do what you want it to, even when handled by a professional, this is proving to be an outdated process.

There is a simpler way, to learn how to burn Wii games for future use. First, you will need to buy and download Wii burning software from internet.

You will need one that can bypass Nintendo security encryption and hack the ability to play Wii backup discs. Find the reliable program on the internet and install it on the computer. Its price is just $29.99.

Once this file is installed insert a game disc and copy it. You can now transfer the data to a new disc which you can then play on your Wii, which will now also play CDs, DVDs, and emulator ROM discs as well.

Finally, you already know how to burn Wii games and you should not wait until the next scratch occurs on your game. Buy the Wii burning software and play Wii backup discs, so, you will save your original discs forever.