Lifestyle and Career Disruptions through Technology


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We stay in an era of uncommon disruption of cultures, lives and organizations through technologies. As a little boy, I listened to folklore below the moonlight in my south japanese a part of Nigerian village. The elders advised the stories of justice, bravery, honor and humanity. There turned into no mobile phone and there has been no distraction. Life turned into below a predictable pattern specifically Technology in the evenings whilst boys and ladies will wait in turns to play below the moonlight and receive ethical schooling carefully orchestrated within the memories informed by means of the elders. Every child belongs to the village and parents are not anything however stewards.

As we trekked miles to fetch water and firewood for the own family cooking, we enjoyed the songs of the glad birds. We precious the flora and the gentle winds out of the thick rainforest of our circulation. It became a existence of superb tranquility and we in no way had a murder inside the village. By norms and traditions, the fishes in our stream ought to not be fished. They were preserved and in most cases we performed with them.

When it was time for faculty, we endured on that village way of life of brotherhood. The elders have mapped out lands within the village wherein humans should pass and plant culmination so that any villager when hungry could pass there and devour. It turned into forbidden to promote some thing from that land as it turned into designed to be a ‘strategic food reserve’. It labored; I planted an orange tree and my excellent buddy gave the village a coconut tree.

But that changed into then. Many things have in view that modified, now not just in my village, however round the world. Technology is disrupting all aspects of human lifestyles and our life have changed. Industries are being demised and new ones are arising with our lexicons constantly evolving to house new tech-evolutions.

Food has been professionalized and mamas do not need to realize a way to cook. Technology and globalization have already modified circle of relatives traditions.

As a boy, I heard of expert typists. These were especially trained pros who could churn out characters on typewriters at notable velocity. There are few of them today. There were shorthand specialists; human beings that would write on special characters to be able to capture statements as fast as they’re spoken via their employers.

Many of those professions have seeing that gone or are going. Technology is displacing their services. Computers make mastering of typing no longer a massive deal because it does not fee anything to edit and delete when using phrase processors. Compare that with erasing and converting stencils in a typewriter, you’ll admire the level of innovation that has taken region. A single mistake in page should render the complete file useless; the typist has to start over, specifically in best files where erasure isn’t always authorised. So the exchange became to get human beings that would kind with 0 blunders, and at speedy pace.