What Is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software utility that enables an employer manipulate and automate their recruitment system. Importantly, considering that so much of the recruiting method has now come to be digital, an ATS is vital because it allows the electronic managing of recruitment wishes inclusive of filing on line job descriptions and shooting programs in and electronic layout.

As such, Applicant Tracking Systems may be utilized by any organization that recruits everlasting or transient group of workers, which include:

Independent recruiters
Staffing agencies
Executive seek companies
Large organizations
Small and mid-length corporations (SMB)
For large agencies and SMB, an ATS is generally implemented and managed by using the Human Resource (HR) organization. However, in smaller groups that don’t have a dedicated HR feature the ATS device can be controlled without delay via hiring managers and without any technical information.

The common capabilities on an Applicant Tracking System consist of:

Creating task requisition
Job board posting
Online software
Applicant screening
Applicant scoring and knock-out
Workflow automation
Resume seek
Self identification / EEO tracking and reporting
Standard and ad-hoc Reporting
One of the important characteristics of an ATS is the introduction of one important vicinity and database for a agency’s recruitment efforts. Having one centralized database permits companies to greater Technical staffing agencies efficiently and efficaciously organize resumes, rank candidates, and communicate with hiring managers internally in addition to reply to applicants in an orderly and timely way.

As instance, a employer can use on-line HR and recruiting software program to create after which put up jobs at on-line process boards along with Monster and Career Builder. In addition, the business enterprise can locate resumes published on resume boards, acquire them of their database and decide if there is a capacity match, or see if the candidate’s statistics is already in the device. HR or hiring managers can behavior data-mining on the database and even set up workflow to automate some of the time-consuming duties required to follow-up with all events.

Trends are making Applicant Tracking Systems more appealing to companies of all sizes. Historically, Applicant Tracking Systems have been highly-priced to buy and put in force, because of licensing, customization and management fees. As a end result, they had been specifically used by large recruiting corporations and massive corporations. However, latest tendencies have made Applicant Tracking Systems more attractive to smaller recruiters and small and mid-length businesses.

Many structures at the moment are presented the usage of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with a low, recurring subscription price in place of a big prematurely license rate. This lets in agencies to put into effect a system with out making a major dedication to a product. Also, Applicant Tracking Systems have come to be extra configurable, allowing customers to self-enforce their systems using internal assets, as opposed to incurring vendor customization expenses.

Nathan Shackles is the President of Racarie Software, which develops a Web-based recruiting and applicant monitoring software program product known as ApplicantStack. Prior to founding Racarie Software, Nathan turned into a software engineer and product manager at Vanguard Software and the Constella Group.