Why Tea is Served Best From a Silver Teapot

When shopping for a Chinese tea set, it is usually beneficial to also buy a wood tea tray if one isn’t always already supplied with the set. These trays not simplest appearance superb and offer the perfect area for showing off your Chinese tea ware, but they may be additionally noticeably functional in relation to absolutely brewing and serving Chinese teas. All need to have some kind of a drainage gadget, so that any excess or spilled water or tea can drain off easily.

There are pretty some distinctive styles of wood tea trays. In truth, you are also in a position to shop for, at a far cheaper fee, plastic tea trays that serve basically the identical cause. These plastic trays usually do no longer look as true or as stylish as a regular wooden tea tray and if it’s miles possible to acquire a timber tray it is surprisingly encouraged.

When deciding on your tea ceramic plates  tray, one of the major matters to test is the drainage system. If the tray is made through someone who does not really recognize the tea subculture and the way Chinese teas are made and poured, they will now not understand the real significance of this draining gadget and for that reason may also just make one that is ‘for show’ in place of one which truly works as it is meant to.

Of course, in case you are not making plans on using your tea set for the purpose it’s miles made for, then this could not be a problem, however if you are making plans on gaining knowledge of how to serve tea you’ll want a real, running tea tray. Some trays take a seat on a barely deeper base, and the water truely runs via some drainage holes into the lowest tray. This tray wishes to be emptied manually after you’ve got completed your tea. Other trays have slats or grooves reduce into either the complete tray or a segment of the tray, in which water is channeled to plastic tubing that attaches underneath the tray. Water runs into the tubing and then into a small field this is tucked away smartly below the table.

You may also need to make sure that the tray is huge sufficient, imparting you have the room for it, in your tea pot, any tea accessories and your tea cups to sit on with room left over wherein you could gather the cups and pour the tea. Trays are available pretty a few exceptional sizes so you should be able to discover something appropriate whether or not you most effective have Chinese cups or 4 or extra.

These are the principle issues while searching at Chinese tea trays. If it’s far authentically made you do now not need to fear that the wooden will warp or grow to be damaged because of the water or tea jogging onto it. Prices are reasonable and those items can effortlessly be bought on line if they do now not come with your Chinese tea set.

Peter Wescombe has been residing and running in Asian countries for decades. Since living in Asia he has been delivered to the exciting culture that surrounds Chinese teas and the ensuing wealthy tea tradition that has evolved. Setting up the Zi Chun tea trading organisation, he now sells all kinds of Chinese tea, in addition to add-ons